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BoscaJura Pizzeria & Zapiekarnia

Zapraszamy do pizzerii w miejscowości Kiełkowice. Na gości czeka pyszna pizza i nie tylko.

Kiełkowice ul. Turystyczna 103
42-440 Ogrodzieniec

tel. 530 255 707

Turystyczna 103
Kraków-Częstochowa Jura
in the country
General Information
: pizza restaurant
: Polish, Italian
Contact data
: 32 72 66 106
: 530 255 707
Prices & amenities
: we accept card payments, car park
: whole year

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The parish church of Saint James the Apostle in Giebło is one of the oldest churches in this part of Poland. It is dated from the twelfth century. The Romanesque church is an example of the characteristic monuments erected in the early centuries of the Polish statehood. The church survived unchanged until the early twentieth century, when it was rebuilt, but the body, in large part, has retained its original look.
Giebło is located in the commune of Ogrodzieniec, on the road from Żerkowice to Pilica. It is an old town, mentioned for the first time in the written sources at the beginning of the fourteenth century. There are a manor house in the historic park and a Romanesque, twelfth-thirteenth century parish church of Saint James, surrounded by a wall. Archaeologists have discovered remains of a castle in the village. There are numerous roadside chapels and crosses, and an interesting bakery named „Podpłomyk”, cultivating medieval traditions.
Mount Birów rises 461 m above sea level. It is one of the characteristic hills in the area of Podzamcze and Ogrodzieniec. The picturesque rocky hill with a good view on the surrounding area was already a site the Neolithic settlement. Especially, the top parts of the hill, which form a depression surrounded by limestone outcrops, have important defensive qualities. Today, we can see a reconstruction of the Slavic settlement here.
Góra Birów, wznosząca się 461 m n.p.m., stanowi jedno z charakterystycznych wzniesień w rejonie Podzamcza i Ogrodzieńca. Skaliste, malownicze wzgórze, dające dobry widok na okolicę było już od czasów neolitu miejscem osadnictwa. Szczególnie partie wierzchołkowe wzniesienia, tworzące nieckę otoczoną wapiennymi ostańcami, dodawały temu miejscu istotnych walorów obronnych. Obecnie możemy tu oglądać rekonstrukcję grodziska słowiańskiego.
“Suchy Połeć”, which can roughly be translated as “Big Piece of Bacon”, also called “Suchy Palec” – “Dry Finger”, is a distinctive rock formation near the center of Podzamcze. In this region, there are German bunkers from the Second World War. They were part of the so called Ostwall, a fortification line whose task was to prevent the Red Army from invading the areas of Upper Silesia. Although the Soviet-German fighting in the nearby areas was fierce, the bunkers themselves did not play a bigger role, however.
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The restaurant is located in a city centre, in historic cellars of City Hall.