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Wyciąg Harnaś

Wyciąg, co prawda nie znajduje się już na Jurze, ale oddalony jest od Częstochowy tylko 35 km. Znajduje w pobliżu wsi Kochcice. Stok powstał na dawnym żwirowisku, otwarto go w 2006 roku.

Wyciąg narciarski Harnaś

Wyciąg narciarski Harnaś jest jedną z zimowych atrakcji w regionie częstochowskim. Regularnie odbywają się tutaj imprezy dla dzieci i młodzieży a także zabawy typu "zjazd na byle czym". Jest także odpowiednia baza gastronomiczna. Posilić się można w grocie Harnaś.

Dane techniczne: Wyciąg narciarski Harnaś typu orczyk, trasa zjazdowa o długości 200 m, oświetlona, wypożyczalnia sprzętu.

Kraków-Częstochowa Jura
Contact data
: 34 3533518
General information
: skiing, skis & snowboard
: whole year
Kind of equipment
: carving skis, classic skis, snowboard

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The palace in Kochcice not far from Lubliniec was built in the first decade of the last century by Count Ludwig Karl von Ballestrem, the owner of 3,300 acres of the local estate. The splendid three-storey building was erected in the neo-Baroque style in the center of a large park. Since the 1960s the palace has been used by the Voivodeship Rehabilitation Centre. The park also includes a historic homestead.
In the village of Lubecko near Lubliniec there is a Marian shrine with the miraculous image of Our Lady of Częstochowa. An eighteenth-century copy painted on the metal sheet of the icon from Jasna Góra hangs in the main altar of the historic church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which for the last few centuries has attracted pilgrims, mainly from the surrounding area. At the church a black gravestone of Franciszka Ciemienga, a charismatic from Kanus, captures our attention.
The wooden church of Saint Anne in Lubliniec was built on the then outskirts of the town in 1653. Its founder was Andrzej Cellary, landowner of Lubliniec. In the last century, the church building was on the verge of collapse. Therefore, in the years 1996-2004, it was dismantled and reconstructed. The one-nave building was erected in a log wall construction, with a roof covered with shingles. The interior of the church is in the Baroque style.
The village of Kochanowice, which is the seat of the commune, lies in the district of Lubliniec, in the so-called White Silesia. A road from Częstochowa to Lubliniec runs through the village. There is a palace built at the beginning of the nineteenth century. It originally belonged to the family of von Aulock. In the interwar period, after the land subdivision by the District Land Office, it became the seat of the local school. It has served this purpose to this day.
Lubliniec was a favorite town of Saint Edith Stein, Carmelite sister Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. She was born in Wroclaw. Saint Edith Stein came from a Jewish family. She was a well-known philosopher. Lubliniec was her mother's hometown, and Edith would come here to visit her grandparents and relatives. The memory of the Saint is cultivated in the town, where there is a parish Of this Saint, and the museum dedicated to her was opened in 2009. Edith Stein is also the patron of Lubliniec.
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Lubex Hotel is located in the center Lublinc at the intersection of major roads Czestochowa - Opole, Poznan, Poland - Katowice at the roundabout, Fr.
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