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Stacja Narciarska Cisowa

Charakterystyka stoku Cisowa: 2 trasy zjazdowe - niebieska 700 m - czerwona 550 m; stok oświetlony, ratrakowany, sztucznie naśnieżany i całodobowo monitorowany; wyciąg orczykowy przepustowość 750 os./h ponadto: szkoła narciarska, wypożyczalnia sprzętu, serwis, bar, parking, toalety, GOPR.


Kraków-Częstochowa Jura
in the country
Contact data
: 505 444 505
General information
: skiing, skis & snowboard
: whole year
Kind of equipment
: carving skis, classic skis, snowboard
: zawierciański
: Pilica

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The village of Wierbka lies in the commune of Pilica, in the district of Zawiercie. The German family of the Moes came here in the mid-nineteenth century. They contributed to the development of the surrounding area, and in 1880, they built an Eclectic palace. It was taken from the owners in in 1945, and later, at the end of the communist regime, it burned down and has henceforth been in ruins. The remains of the palace park with old trees testify to the former glory of the property.
Although not much has been preserved of the old, medieval castle of Udórz, it is undoubtedly one of the most mysterious places of the Polish Jura. The crumbled parts of the walls, beautifully situated in the forest, are a remnant of the building whose origin and founder remain a matter for conjecture. Studies have shown the castle was probably not completed and the work on the construction was interrupted.
Na miejscu: 2 stoki o długości 420 i 280 metrów. Przy każdym wyciąg orczykowy. Stoki są oświetlone, regularnie ratrakowane oraz naśnieżane.
There are more and more possibilities of horse riding for those inhabitants of Silesia and the surrounding areas whose passion are equestrian sports. Particularly noteworthy is the Stud Farm in Udórz. It is situated in a stunning location of the Polish Jura, with wonderful equestrian trails, which for years have been attracting lovers of this sport. The stud farm also boasts many achievements in breeding horses, especially sports ones.
The village of Smoleń lies in the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland, on the eastern edge of Silesia, near the village of Pilica. Smoleń is known primarily for the castle, which, although much ruined, is one of the most picturesque and attractive fortresses located on the Eagles' Nests Trail. Its tower dominating over the forest is the landmark of the local landscape. The castle is situated with the area of the nature reserve also called Smoleń.
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